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About Me

 I’m Sherri Meinke your Cruise Director.  No, seriously I am the Owner of CompuQuest, LLC.  Did I mention I love technology?  I have been interested in computers since the early 90’s.  I love using them, fixing them, customizing them and helping others with them.  My business is not a hobby to me, it is what I do to live.  I see it as a family member and nurture it and am always reinventing myself to offer more services to my customers.  I could never work for a Big Box Store as their goal is get them in and get them out and get paid.  I have a fast turn around time on all repairs and when I train someone, I spend time with them and do not look at the clock.  I am passionate about what I do and if you take the time to talk to me you will discover that.

I have even bathed dogs for my customers, been a pallbearer, tuned musical instruments and provided comedy relief.  When a computer comes to me, I FIX IT.  I NEVER outsource.  I have a variety of sources to obtain parts and keep a stockpile of used recycled parts that I can also offer instead of new parts.  It saves time and money for the customer.

I started my Business in 1999 with a partner. We held that Business for 10 years under the name Computer Quest Services, LLC. In October, 2009, CompuQuest, LLC was born. I have gone full circle with my Business. What had started off as a Home Based Business then moved to a Professional Building, is back to where it all began; my dream home. The decision was made with the economy such that it is, to make my services more affordable for people. Owning a computer and maintaining it should not break the bank. By running my business from my home, I am able to keep the prices down and run it the way I want to.  I rely on referrals from my customers so I do not have to advertise my services.

I am continually updating my skills, to offer more services to my customers. I have taken online classes as well as been a part of the Web Academy in NYC. I am also a State of Ohio Notary Public so can provide those services as well. I am blessed to be surrounded by valuable resources. If I can’t do the job for you, I probably know someone who can. I treat my customers as if they were family. I hope I can demystify things for you and help you in any way I can in Plain English.

I also offer FREE Computer Education classes weekly at the Medina County District Library.  Every Thursday 9:30am-11am, the topics will vary, check out the schedule on the page Camp Wired.

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