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Q: What do I need to bring with me when I drop off my computer to get fixed?

A: For desktops please bring me the tower.  I won’t need the monitor, mouse, keyboard or cords. For laptops, please bring the power cord in addition to the laptop.  Any disks you have available, especially Microsoft Windows and Office are a plus.  I also need passwords if they are needed to get the computer into Windows.

Q: How long will it take you to fix my computer?

A: Average service takes less than 24 hours, but I won’t know for sure until I look at your computer.  Some repairs require parts that need to be ordered, that would change the time table for the repair.  Also if there is a Holiday in there when I receive your computer, it may take an extra day.

Q: How much will it cost to get my computer fixed?

A:  I charge a flat rate fee.  I offer FREE assessments on all computers to be repaired.  The cost depends on if parts are necessary or not, or there is a software purchase.

Q: Will you come out to my home or office to fix my computer?

A: Yes, I offer on-site service in addition to drop-off service. Call or email to schedule an appointment.  

Q: Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on your services?

A: I guarantee that you will be happy with the service I provide or you do not have to pay!  What I pay for parts, you just reimburse me for the exact amount.  If you purchase parts they are under warranty by the manufacturer of the part not me.  My guarantee/warranty is only on the services I provide.

Q: My computer isn’t working, should I just buy a new one?

A:  It all depends. I would be happy to take a look at your computer free of charge, and if I feel that it is not worth fixing I will help you find a new one if you want.  If the computer is doing what you need it to do and the repair is minimal, FIX it.  If the computer no longer is capable of supporting you in your work on it, then it is time to consider retiring it.

Q: Do you sell computers?

A: While I don’t stock computers, I can assist you in purchasing one.  I like to purchase them directly from the manufacturer and will go on a 3-way call with you to make it happen.  It is not cost effective for me to build them and sell them and compete with the manufacturers.  I have built them before at a customers request and they are very labor intensive to build.

Q:  Do you recycle computers?

A:  Yes. We accept both laptops and desktop computer for recycling. I will securely erase any data prior to have the item responsible recycled. You can drop off your item at any time during normal business hours. There is no charge to recycle your item. I do not take CRT computer monitors or printers

Q: Will I lose my data?

A: That depends, if your hard drive was beyond repair when you dropped it off, I will do everything I can to recover your files. Often I can recover data that many computer stores will say is “lost forever.”  I encourage you to back up your own data though.  There is an extra charge for data backup.  I can sit down and show you hot to do it on your own in the future if you don’t backup because you don’t know how to do it.

Q: What types of problems do you handle?

A: Please view my complete list of services. If you don’t find what you are looking for please email or call me and ask.  I will not take on any job that I am not confident I can handle.  Instead, I will give you a referral to someone who will.

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