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Computer Recycling

Not every city or trash pickup service will take your old hardware/software.  I will take old hardware/software and recycle it for you.  What I can do for you is if the computer is totally not operational, I can attempt to get it in working order if you no longer want it and I give them away to people in need.  If it is not able to be fixed, I gut them for screws and whatever parts I can use on another system like expansion slot covers, fans…those are valuable and reusable.

I do not take printers as most of them are considered throw aways unless they are laser printers.  I believe in recycling but also believe in the pay it forward motto.  People have helped me stay in business by coming back to me repeatedly.  I in turn get a kick out of seeing a smile on someones face when they are presented with a computer that they could not have afforded otherwise.  I do not do it for profit at all, it is done as a goodwill gesture.

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